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Inhalation injuries can cause serious damage during a fire, and can be a silent killer. Even when inhalation injuries don't kill, they can cause serious damage to the lungs, trachea, and throat. Additionally, they can cause long-term breathing problems and pain. 

Smoke inhalation can cause serious damage to your lungs. Contact a burn injury law firm in Houston, TX to discuss your inhalation injuries.

Types of Inhalation Injuries

Three sorts of inhalation injuries often result from fire. Where there is smoke, there is fire, but where there is fire, there are a hundred known toxic substances present within that smoke. Inhalation of these toxic substances often combine with burn injuries and result in three different types of inhalation injuries:

Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation can be a silent killer, frequently hidden by more obvious injuries such as burns, and rescue teams will often take care of more apparent patients. Yet, patients that can appear apparently unharmed may have significant damage from major smoke inhalation. In fact, 60% to 80% of all fatalities resulting from burn injuries can be attribute to smoke inhalation.

Heat Inhalation

If you breathe in from a hot air source, thermal injury can occur in your airways, from your trachea to your lungs. Hot air can also damage the mucous membranes in the nose. Heat inhalation injury is often overlooked, at least when compared to more obvious burn injuries, but it is a serious injury nevertheless and can be the basis for your recovery of monetary damages in a court of law.

Inhaling fumes from toxic chemicals can be extremely damaging to your throat, trachea, and lungs. Contact Houston burn injury law firms today to discuss your claims. Toxin Inhalation

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is the most infamous of the toxin inhalations, but there are hundreds of known toxic substances present within smoke. All objects consumed by fire will release their contents, within the smoke, into your lungs in the case of a fire. Systemic toxins can cause permanent damage to organs, including the brain.

A burn accident can take place almost anywhere and can happen when you least expect it. Did you know that every 19 seconds a local fire department is responding to an emergency fire call somewhere in the United States? Burn accident statistics show that the most vulnerable victims of these incidents are children under 5 and elderly individuals over 65.

Proper treatment of inhalation injuries after also suffering severe burns may mean the difference between life and death. Studies have shown that respiratory failure accounts for 29% of all deaths with burn victims. For a complete discussion if inhalation treatments associated with burn injuries, please visit the Houston Burn Injury Treatment page.

If you believe you have suffered inhalation injuries or burn injuries, please contact Houston burn injury lawyers today.

Where would a lawyer file a lawsuit for inhalation injuries?

Some courts in which your Houston Burn Injury lawyer might file a burn injury lawsuit include:

Harris County 165th Civil District Court
(713) 368-6270

Harris County 189th Civil District Court
(713) 368-6309

Harris County 190th Civil District Court
(713) 368-6310

Harris County 215th Civil District Court
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Harris County 234th Civil District Court
(713) 368-6350

Harris County 269th Civil District Court
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Harris County 281st Civil District Court
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Harris County 295th Civil District Court
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Harris County 333rd Civil District Court
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Harris County 334th Civil District Court
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Harris County Multi-District Litigation Civil Court
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Harris County 270th Civil District Court
(713) 368-6400

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If you believe you are suffering from inhalation injuries after a fire, you should contact an experienced Houston Burn Lawyer today for legal advice. Houston Burn Injury Lawyers know how to handle burn injury cases, and can provide you with quality representation in your burn injury claim.