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Causes of Houston Burn Injuries

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 2 million people in the United States require treatment for burns each year, and between 3,000 and 4,000 die of their injuries. The elderly and children are disproportionately affected by burn injuries. In 2004, the Center for Disease Control reported that every 135 minutes one person was killed by a fire accident and every 30 minutes, one person suffered a fire-related injury. In fact:

  • Burn Injuries affect Houston residents all too often. Contact a qualified Houston burn injury attorney to discuss your rights after suffering a burn injury.1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention each year in the U.S.
  • 50,000 burn injuries require hospitalization.
  • 20,000 are major burns involving at least 25 percent of the total body surface.
  • 4,500 of these people die.
  • Up to 10,000 people in the United States die every year of burn-related infections.

The causes of these burns are sometimes individual accidents, but are often the result of someone else’s negligence and thus the basis for a burn injury lawsuit. A list of some common causes includes:

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are amongst the more dangerous sorts of burns, as they are not immediately obvious and some chemical agents can cause only limited superficial damage while simultaneously causing severe deep tissue damage. Exposure to chemicals, especially in the work place, often takes place over a long period of time, and the severity of a chemical burn is often determined by the build-up time of chemical exposure.

Common scenarios of chemical burns are wide ranging and include workplace chemical exposure, industrial accidents, and the use of hazardous, common household chemicals. The severity of injuries from chemical burns most often depends on the strength of the chemical, the body part it made contact with, duration of exposure, etc.

Cars that catch fire sometimes have a defect that caused the fire in the first place. Other times, had the automobile not been defective, the fire might have been prevented. Either way, Houston burn injury attorneys can represent you effectively after you have suffered a burn from a defective product or any other cause.Defective Product Burns

Defective products cause thousands of burn injuries each year and form the basis for many personal injury suits. Speak to an experienced Houston burn injury lawyer to find whether or not you have a product liability action against the seller or manufacturer of the product. Be aware that even if you did not purchase the defective product, you may still have a claim if you have suffered an injury as a result of using it. Sellers and manufacturers have duties to deliver products without major flaws, disclaim potential risks and dangers, and provide products that are not unreasonably dangerous. If you believe you have been harmed as a result of a defective product, ensure you receive justice by contacting one of the Houston burn injury attorneys on this site today.

Electrical accidents cause burns on the job and at home. Contact a local Houston burn injury lawyer now to discuss your electrical burns.Electrical Accidents

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 400 electrocutions affect Americans each year and an estimated 180 electrocutions are related to consumer products. Large appliances are responsible for nearly 10% of consumer product electric burn injuries. Other culprits include damaged and exposed wiring, faulty household wiring, loose power lines, and the like. Even a small electric current might cause victims severe injury, including halted respiration.

Electrical accidents also cause fires, which may injure victims. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 30,000 home fires a year are caused by faulty electrical systems. Over 200 deaths result from these home fires, as well as over 1,000 injuries and over $600 million in property damage. Thus, electrical accidents are a large basis for burn injury lawsuits. Contact an experienced Houston based burn injury lawyer today to learn more.

Flammable Materials

In recent times, there has been a score of product recalls of flammable materials, most often clothing. Flammable materials and clothing are patently dangerous and increase the risk of burns and injuries. The government has acted on this front, as Congress passed the Flammable Fabrics Act in 1953 to regulate the manufacture of highly flammable clothing. Congress extended the Act in 1967 to include paper, plastic, foam, and other materials used in clothing and home furnishings. The Act also established safe manufacturing standards to test the flammability of materials.

But flammable materials have not gone away. Fleece clothing, including children’s pajamas, have been the subject of media attention and product recalls, based on consumers who have suffered burn injuries due to these unsafe materials. If you have suffered a burn injury involving flammable materials or clothing, recovery may be available from the product manufacturer. Contact an experienced Houston burn injury lawyer today so that they may assess whether the material was defective and unreasonably dangerous.

Flammable materials and Flammable liquids can cause a severe burn injury. Call Houston Burn Injury Law Firms to discuss your burns now.

Flammable Liquids

Flammable liquids are increasingly commonplace in both the workplace and the home. Solvents, thinners, cleaners, fuels, adhesives, paints, waxes, polishes and other combustible liquids are common culprits in causing fires and burn injuries, as they ignite and burn easily. Flammable liquids often result in large fires and severe burns as they can easily spread.

Flammable liquid burns are often the basis of product liability cases, workplace lawsuits and negligence suits. If you have been injured as a result of a flammable liquid, contact one of the Houston burn injury lawyers advertised on this site today.

Gasoline Spills

Gas and oil spills have become the focus of recent media events, with catastrophes like the BP oil spill, and the legal consequences extend past clean-ups. Whether it’s landscaping services spilling gasoline, an automobile accident involving spilled gas, or a massive accident at a gas station or other facility, gasoline spills create a high risk that bystanders might suffer burn injuries. As gasoline spills are often the result of negligence, Houston based burn injury lawyers are awaiting your call today to see what compensation is available to you.

Scalding Liquids

Scalding liquids have come to be associated with lawsuits in the famous McDonald's coffee scalding case, which many people view as something of a joke. In reality, scalding liquids can cause serious harm. A little known fact about scalding burn injuries is that the elderly and children are at much greater risk for hot liquid burns. Most burn injuries suffered by children in the home are caused by hot liquid and scalding in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Where negligence, faulty products, or other causes are to blame, you may be entitled to compensation.

Workers at manufacturing plants, chemical companies, and other types of companies suffer injuries from heavy machinery and other equipment on the job. If you suffered a burn at the workplace, Houston Burn Injury Law Firms can help you and discuss all aspects of your Houston burn injury case with you.Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents cause injuries to thousands of workers each year, and have been responsible for injuries to even those who live in proximity to industrial plants. Accidents often involve explosions, chemical spills, machinery defects, maintenance failures and other negligent or dangerous circumstances. Those who have suffered burn injuries as a result of industrial accidents are strongly encouraged to contact a qualified Houston burn injury lawyer today.

Work-Related Accidents

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported than in a single year, over 2,500 injuries and 150 deaths are the result of workplace fires and explosions. Work-related fire accidents are often the result of electrical hazards, poor wiring or unsafe facilities, chemical hazards, employer negligence, inadequate supervision, and other causes. Those who have suffered burn injuries as a result of a work-related accident are best served by contacting Houston burn injury attorneys as soon as possible.

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of burn injuries. Houston burn injuries are often caused by car crashes, and Houston Burn Injury Attorneys and Law Firms know how to handle a car accident case involving burn injuries. Call one of the burn lawyers on this site today.Automobile Accidents

Motor vehicle fires kill at least 500 people and injure thousands more each year, according to a report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Motor vehicle accidents often result in fires, toxic gases, flying debris and explosions. Indeed, according to the Burn Survivor Resource Center, one out of every five fires involves a motor vehicle, one out of eight fire deaths results from a motor vehicle fire and 600 people are killed and 1,2000 firefighters injured a year from fighting automobile fires. Thus, automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of burn injury lawsuits. If you have suffered burn injuries as a result of an automobile accident, please contact an experienced Houston burn injury lawyer as soon as you can to determine how best to make yourself whole again.

Radiation Burns

Radiation burns are caused by naturally occurring phenomena, such as waves and particles, but are often the result of man-mined substances such as uranium or plutonium. Commonly, these dangerous, radioactive substances are produced by man-made sources, such as x-ray machines. Radiation burns carry a significant toll for their victims: individuals contaminated with radiation experience damage to their skin, internal tissues and organs, as well as extreme pain, recurring pain, and other traumatic injuries. Moreover, radiation can damage a person’s DNA, causing cancer or birth defects.

Radiation burn injuries are often the result of industrial accidents, medical malpractice and other cases of negligence. If you have suffered radiation burn, it is in your best interest to contact Houston burn injury attorneys as soon as possible. 

Houston Grief Counseling Services Can Help

After you've suffered a burn, or a loved one has suffered a burn, you may be going through many life changes. You may be having financial difficulties, but also suffering from emotional trauma and trying to cope with the physical and emotional wounds from your burns. Grief counseling can be a helpful way to start dealing with these issues after suffering a severe burn.

Grief Counseling Centers near Houston, TX:

Midtown Psychotherapy & Counseling Associates
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Bo's Place
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Innovations Counseling and Consulting PLLC
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Richardson Counseling Services
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